In the beginning, humans found everything they needed to be nourished and healed in nature and observed that it was the very thing allowing them to live: Mother Earth (“Gaia” in Greek mythology).

Then, food was no longer treated as a necessity but a pleasure, leaving the consumer society to alter the relationship between humans and Earth, exhausting our planet’s resources to benefit the comfort of some.

If the idea of a balanced diet, in perfect harmony with nature, is still embedded in the spirit of Asian and Indian populations, then this can no longer be the case in Western countries.

The concept of GAIA THERAPEAT is to (re)discover this philosophy: better nutrition for a healthy life, while remaining in perfect harmony with nature and respecting our planet, with a “zero waste” objective. Food has become one of the ways to feel better and heal, but we cannot separate it from its environment, and so it is necessary for us to respect.

So much more than a way of nourishment, GAIA THERAPEAT is a state of mind.


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