In the beginning, Gaia (Mother Earth) provided humans with everything they needed from nourishment to healing. As time went on, food became less of a necessity which altered the relationship between humans and the Earth and as a result, we began exhausting our planet’s resources.

The idea of a balanced diet while being in perfect harmony with nature has and still is embedded in the spirits of many Asian and Indian cultures. If these ancient societies have been living under this balance for so many centuries than, it is only right for Western society to start adapting this way of living.

The commitment of GAIA THERAPEAT is to help people in Western societies (re)discover this philosophy: better nutrition for a healthier lifestyle while remaining in perfect harmony with nature and, respecting our planet with a ZERO WASTE objective. Food is an important foundation that helps us feel better and helps us to heal. This is why it’s important to respect its connection to the environment.

Gaia Therapeat is much more than providing nourishment, it is a state of mind.


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