Red Vine Leaf

Herbal Tea

The history of the vine is so ancient she merges with the history of mankind. Vines and wine have represented an important part of societies, intimately associated with their economies and their cultures.

The first traces of culture are located around 3000 BCE in Egypt (4000 years for the first wild track). Since that time, the wine is synonymous with celebration, drunkenness and conviviality.

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Red Vine Leaf

Associated Nutrients - Red Vine Leaf

  • Flavonoids
  • Procyanidins Tannins
  • Tartrates
  • Anthocyanosides
  • Insitol
  • Choline
  • Sugars

Associated Qualities - Red Vine Leaf

  • Veinotonique, the Red Vine contains several vasoconstrictors tannins, it allows to increase the resistance of small blood vessels, stimulates circulation and facilitates venous return. Promotes good circulation. Gives a feeling of light legs.