Chamomile Infusion

Herbal Tea

Since antiquity, various species of chamomile have been used for medicinal purposes. For example, chamomile was used in ancient Egypt to treat fever and sunstroke. And still, in the 6th century, it was used, among other things, to relieve insomnia, back pain, rheumatism, and indigestion. Today, it’s very popular and estimated that more than a million cups of chamomile are consumed everyday around the world.

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Chamomile Infusion

Associated Nutrients - Chamomile Infusion

  • Terpenoids
  • Flavonoids

Associated Qualities - Chamomile Infusion

  • Helps digestion
  • Fights digestive inflammation
  • Relaxing
  • Effective against nervous insomnia
  • Relieves menstrual pain
  • Antispasmodic